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No-one ever posts here, but I figure it can't hurt

The high council of Haven have decided to undertake a unique experiment. They have built a university and have invited individuals from a variety of worlds to attend. The experiment is to determine how people, creatures and machines from many different worlds can co-exist, and how well they can learn from the variety of unconventional courses the university offers.

The letters were randomly released and will be stumbled upon by many different people. You may find one on your lawn, in a tree, on the beach, or blowing down the street. It is just one of those “being in the right place at the right time” sort of things. If you have found a letter you were meant to find it. The letter reads:

If you have found this letter, you were meant to find it. We would like you to attend a newly built university called Ashita. We offer a variety of programs that are unique to our institution, some of which are Angels and Demons, Healing Arts and Spirit Affairs. It would not be wise to ignore this letter. As stated above, you were meant to find it. This university has what you have been looking for. All the contact information you will need is at the bottom of this page. We look forward to seeing you attend.


((come apply as ANY character from ANY fandom!))
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